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Students Learn More Than Tricks in First Magic Program at Global Vision Academy

SAN DIEGO–June 3, 2015–Middle-school students participating in a seven-week, after-school magic program at San Diego Global Vision Academy (SDGVA) in Normal Heights have been learning more than the tricks of the trade since magic classes began in April. The program, taught by San Diego magician Tom Interval, is the first of its kind offered at the public charter school.

While students learn how to perform a different magic trick each week, Interval teaches that an entertaining presentation, a likable personality, good interaction with the audience and the psychology behind magic, are more important than the mechanical secrets of the tricks themselves.

“Anyone can go into a magic shop, buy an easy trick, read the instructions and present it as a visual puzzle,” says Interval. “But good magic isn't about simply trying to fool people with puzzles. It's about entertaining them with a thoroughly rehearsed, meaningful, interactive presentation that reflects the performer's unique personality. Magic is a performing art, and I encourage my students to keep this in mind as they present their tricks.”

Magic also is a “performing science,” says Interval, who teaches students how to incorporate psychology and misdirection into their performances. “As Harry Houdini wrote, 'The secret of showmanship consists not of what you really do, but what the mystery-loving public thinks you do.' Good magicians entertain people while influencing how they think about what they see. These are key concepts when studying magic performance and theory.”

Students who learn how to combine entertainment, visual illusion, misdirection and psychology during a performance witness firsthand how these things affect people who watch their magic. And these lessons apply to everyday life, says Interval. “Children who study magic begin to understand that perception and memory are not always accurate and that, no matter how intelligent or perceptive someone is, he or she can be deceived. So learning magic is not only fun, it nurtures critical thinking and teaches us about the human mind.”

Other skills achieved while studying magic include improved interpersonal communication, self-confidence, fine motor skills, creativity, discipline and resourcefulness. The magic program at SDGVA runs through June 12.

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About Interval Magic
Interval Magic is a sole proprietorship based in San Diego, California. Owned and operated by magician Tom Interval, the business provides companies, the community, and consumers with close-up and stand-up magic performances, training and related services locally and nationally. To learn more, please visit

About San Diego Global Vision Academy
San Diego Global Vision Academy (SDGVA) is a free public charter school serving grades K–5 and 6–8. Opened in 2010, SDGVA strives to develop civic-minded leaders, accomplished writers and resilient lifelong learners, preparing students for 21st-century literacy and leadership demands. To learn more, please visit