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National Geographic Channel uses Tom Interval's Houdini Illusion for Brain Games mosaic

SAN DIEGO–May 9, 2013–To help promote its second-season premiere of Brain Games on April 22, the National Geographic Channel used San Diego magician Tom Interval's two-face Harry Houdini optical illusion as the basis for a mosaic made of 3,612 Rubik's Cubes.

The mosaic, constructed by San Francisco artist Pete Fecteau in a high-traffic storefront near Times Square in New York City, took 26 hours over the course of two weeks to finish, according to the artist.

The image of Houdini featured prominently in the mosaic blends front and profile shots of the renowned escape artist's face to create an illusion that evokes two distinct, interchangeable perspectives depending on how the viewer voluntarily or involuntarily interprets it.

Interval, whose background includes writing, art and graphic design, was inspired to create the illusion after seeing a two-face illusion on the Mighty Optical Illusions website. “Houdini was world's most enigmatic person in history,” said Interval. “I think he's the perfect subject for this sort of optical illusion.”

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