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Contact: Tom Interval, 619-800-3780

Interval Magic introduces Reading Magic program

SAN DIEGO–April 10, 2012–San Diego magician Tom Interval, owner of Interval Magic, has developed Reading Magic, a nonprofit, curriculum-based program designed to inspire children ages six and up to read about a multitude of academic subjects while developing useful life skills learned through the study of magic as a hobby.

The program, which Interval plans to present at schools and libraries, covers simple magic tricks and theory employing math, science, psychology, perception, history and theater.

“Because magic's best secrets are shrouded from the general public, most people probably don't realize just how many useful skills magicians learn while studying the art,” said Interval. “That's one reason why I created this program. I want parents and the general public to know that magic is one of the most enjoyable, most beneficial, hobbies there is. And children who study it early in life pick up skills many of their peers might not learn in a lifetime.”

Some of the skills and benefits attained through the study of magic methods and theory include reading, public speaking, communication, social interaction, performance art, creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, self-confidence, discipline, dexterity, planning, organization, resourcefulness and improvisation.

Reading Magic touches upon each of these skills and benefits to some degree,” said Interval, who has taught magic to adults and children since 1985. “But it also teaches kids that even academic subjects they perceive as being dull can be fun when they're applied to magic. This, in turn, might inspire them to read more on subjects they might not otherwise want to learn about.”

Anyone interested in having Interval present Reading Magic at their school or library should call him at 619-800-3780. To learn more about the program, please visit

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About Interval Magic
Interval Magic is a sole proprietorship based in San Diego, California. Owned and operated by magician Tom Interval, the business provides companies, the community, and consumers with close-up and stand-up magic performances, training and related services locally and nationally. To learn more, please visit