Interval Magic


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06-11-04: Tom Interval launches new Web site: Houdini in The New York Times, Interval Magic

04-07-04: Magician Tom Interval shares tricks of the trade, Interval Magic

11-12-03: Interval's magic is out of this galaxy, Interval Magic

09-07-03: Tom Interval brings his walk-around magic to the Rex, Interval Magic

05-05-03: Tom Interval's magic dazzles attendees at BCCC, Interval Magic

04-11-03: Interval Magic launches new Web site, Interval Magic

03-15-98: Magic his passion and his business, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

01-27-97: Bookstores aren't just for bookworms anymore, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10-20-96: Magician to teach tricks at library, North Hills News Record

02-01-95: Beyond the sports scene, Pittsburgh's Child

07-07-94: Presto! Local magician to craft illusions, North Journal

05-22-94: Magic does the trick for budding performers, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

04-24-94: Magician to reveal secrets—to students, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

04-22-94: Magician performs tricks, teaches class at Hampton Library, Hampton-Richland Eagle

10-01-91: You can do magic, North Journal

06-25-91: Magic Lessons, North Hills News Record

06-05-91: Magician as teacher, The Pittsburgh Press

04-25-91: Presto! It's an Oreo, The Pittsburgh Press

02-04-89: Chemical magic adds to card tricks, The Columbus Dispatch

07-13-88: Busch magician is a wiz with tricks and effects, The Virginia Gazette/Williamsburg Magazine

02-24-88: Franklin Park magician starts tricky career, Franklin Park Herald

02-24-88: A magical Interval, The Pittsburgh Press

02-17-88: Franklin Park magician to perform at Busch Gardens, Franklin Park Herald

02-17-88: Local magician Tom Interval to perform at Busch Gardens, The News Weekly

05-16-87: Business Fair '87 looks to the future, North Hills News Record

04-03-86: Magicians are popping up like rabbits as TV exposure grows, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

11-20-85: Magical Interval: Franklin Park teen mastering tricks of trade, The Pittsburgh Press

11-16-85: Area man named 'magician of year', North Hills News Record