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Reading Magic is a nonprofit, curriculum-based program designed to inspire children ages six and up to read about a multitude of academic subjects while developing useful life skills learned through the study of magic as a hobby.


Tom Interval developed a passion for reading at a very young age. When first learning magic as a child, he spent countless hours in the library poring over books on magic and magicians. As an adult, he firmly believes that both children and adults who read every day enrich their lives immeasurably.

That's why he created Reading Magic. He believes the program will spark in kids the same passion for reading he experienced as a child and teach them that even academic subjects they perceive as being dull can be fun when applied to magic. This, Interval believes, could motivate them to read more about subjects they might otherwise avoid.

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The Program

The Reading Magic program, presented at schools and libraries, inspires children ages six and up to learn more about magic and magicians and hopefully visit the library on their own, even if only to learn the secret to a trick. What they'll soon discover is that the true secret of magic lies not in the mechanics of the tricks themselves but in the performer, the presentation, and the process of learning about so many things along the way.

The presentation lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and includes the following content:

  • Intro: A brief introduction and history of magic
  • Reading: A discussion of why books are still one of the best ways to learn magic
  • Theory: Basic theory covering how and why magic works
  • Rules: The three classic rules of magic
  • Demo: A non-instructional demonstration of five or six tricks employing math, science, history, theater, art, psychology, and perception
  • Lesson: A lesson teaching one or two easy-to-do tricks using math or science
  • Q&A: Questions and answers if time
  • Handouts: Including a summary of everything discussed, instruction sheets on the magic trick(s) taught, recommended magic books and other resources

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Skills and Benefits

Tom Interval, a teacher of magic since 1985, wants parents and the general public to know that magic is one of the most enjoyable, most beneficial, hobbies there is. Children who study magic from an early age pick up skills and reap benefits many of their peers might not attain in a lifetime. Some of these skills and benefits include the following:

  • Physical and psychological misdirection
  • Performance art and public speaking
  • Reading speed and comprehension
  • Communication and social interaction
  • Creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Self-confidence, discipline, and dexterity
  • Planning and organization
  • Improvisation and resourcefulness
  • Many others

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Tom Interval is currently speaking with libraries and schools about this new program. Presentations will be listed here when scheduled, so please check back every now and then. In the mean time, if you would like Interval to present Reading Magic at your school or library, please contact him.

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Tom Interval, age 13, reading magic from Professor Hoffmann's “Modern Magic,” © late 1800s